At a time when community interconnectedness has never been more crucial, both as a generator of well-being, and for making the other transitions described here, a combination of factors is increasing the potential for disconnection, mistrust and hostility. Community interconnectedness and the trust it generates will be crucial for making the other transitions. They depend on being able to harness innovation and action from everyone.

Case Studies

Transition underway! Connecting communities for better emergency preparedness

Many local councils support and participate in Neighbours Day, a not for profit campaign encouraging you to
connect with your neighbours and celebrate your neighbourhood. All nine councils in the Wellington region
fund the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office and its activities. This year, for the 10th anniversary
of Neighbours Day, Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO), which is funded by all nine
Wellington councils, organised eight Community Emergency Hub exercises where people met their neighbours
and practiced how their community can respond to an emergency.

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