Winner of the Minister for Local Government's Award for Innovation in Council/Community Relations: Child Equity Programme Pilot, Rotorua Lakes Council

About the Entry:  

The Child Equity Programme Pilot brought together the council, a grouping of community and central government agencies and a decile one school. The programme provides tamariki living in deprivation with access to activities, services and experiences that enhance health and well-being. Following a successful pilot, the scheme has been extended to five decile one and two schools 

The Judges said: 

The Child Equity Programme Pilot demonstrates a successful community-based approach to well-being. The Pilot demonstrates a council identifying a local issue and taking a systems-based whole-of-community approach while the council itself has primarily taken roles as an advocate, broker and coordinator. This is the type of community-based solution that Parliament intended when it restored well-being to the statutory purpose of local government.