Te Haeata: Your tool for managing Treaty settlement commitments. Search, manage, and uphold commitments for lasting Treaty relationships

About this event

This free webinar, presented by Te Arawhiti - Office for Māori Crown Relations, will equip your organisation with the tools and knowledge needed to honor Treaty obligations, and strengthen ties with local iwi.

Te Haeata is an online, searchable database of commitments from historical Treaty of Waitangi settlements, as recorded in deeds of settlement and settlement legislation. It's purpose is to raise the visibility of Treaty settlement commitments and help organisation's manage their commitments.

Te Haeata can help you gain familiarity with your organisation’s Treaty settlement commitments.

  • Quickly find relevant information from Treaty settlements – search by key word, settlement, responsible entity, commitment type or timeframe;
  • Manage your organisation's commitments – through reminders, post-settlement update statements and the progress status function.

By raising the visibility of Treaty settlement commitments, Te Haeata supports organisations to deliver on their obligations and ensure the durability of settlements is upheld.

Commitments that are not delivered correctly can undermine the durability of Treaty settlements, affect relationships with settled groups, affect Māori-Crown relationships, and result in operational delays or legal challenges.

We encourage you to create an account on Te Haeata in advance. This will provide you with some familiarity and we can address any questions during the webinar.