This Frank Capability course builds the technical and interpersonal skills needed for ensuring final written outputs are logically sound and error-free.

    About this event

    PLEASE NOTE: This event is supported by Taituarā, but is run by FrankCapability. For any questions in relation to this event please contact Nicole Howarth.

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    What you will learn

    On completing this course, participants will:

    • understand what peer review is and is not
    • be able to identify the common and distinct features of good proofreading
    • have a set of skills and techniques to undertake a robust peer review and a thorough proofread
    • have a set of skills and techniques to support giving and receiving feedback.

    Who should attend

    This course is best suited for whole teams who wish to establish a shared view of quality written outputs. Individuals at all levels also benefit from attending this course.

    Course format

    This course consists of 3 x 2-hour facilitator-led, live-learning sessions delivered on ZOOM. There are 2 hours of coursework to complete in between sessions. The course consists of eight hours of learning in total.

    What is covered in the course

    Session one:

    • The difference between peer review and proofreading.
    • Rigour: components of peer review.
    • A systematic approach: peer review (questions to ask and things to consider).

    Session two:

    • Rigour: components of proofreading.
    • A systematic approach: proofreading.
    • Proofing practicalities.

    Session three:

    • Kindness: principles for giving feedback.
    • Active listening.
    • Building resilience for receiving feedback.