We're hugely proud to share some insight into the intra-council Kiwi cooperation in aid of securing a win for Aotearoa New Zealand in the upcoming Australasian Management Challenge. Tauranga City Council and Napier City Council superstars battled it out with some healthy and supportive rivalry in preparation for the big day in Adelaide.

Earlier this year in April, Napier City Council with their team ‘Veronica Bells’ took out the bragging rights of Top New Zealand team to compete in the Management Challenge – qualifying for the Australian leg of the competition at the end of August.

Prior to the NZ leg of the 2022 Management Challenge, and demonstrating some strong Kiwi spirit, Tauranga City Council reached out to Napier to add an additional challenge day on the calendar to support Napier in preparation for taking on the Aussies. Taupō District Council came to the aid too and provided us with a venue at the half-way point so that we could have some friendly face-to-face competition for the day. In a matter of four hours the two teams had undertaken six tasks including role plays, promotional videos, presentations, and council reports… a challenging four hours to say the least.

“The Management Challenge is such a great opportunity to refine skills and grow leaders, any opportunity to continue to build momentum is one we want to pursue. We would really like to see the bragging rights of top Australasian council, come back home to Aotearoa. If we can help make this happen by supporting another council, then that’s still a win for us” - Tauranga Team Mentor – Jodie Robertson (TCC Impact & Insights Specialist).

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The NZ Management Challenge leg had to be undertaken as an online challenge… the Australia leg is face to face with seven Australian councils against us. It was great that Tauranga reached out to support us with a face-to-face challenge day so that we could practice role plays and presentations and get immersed in the competitive atmosphere” – Napier Team Mentor – Talia Foster (NCC Accounting Manager).

All the best to Napier City Council – bring back the goods and show the Aussies our Kiwi spirit!

Tauranga City Council participants

Marea Goodin-McKay, Britney Mueller, Kellie Burton, Tan Phuangdokmai, Charlie Eggleton, Liesel Carnie. Mentor – Jodie Robertson

Napier City Council participants

Bill Roberts, Darran Gillies, Lauren Sye, Heather Sharp, Alix Burke, Tony Reid. Mentor – Talia Foster