Transport Minister Hon Michael Wood has announced huge changes to how local authorities provide transport systems over the past couple of weeks. 

Firstly, releasing the 'Reshaping Streets' proposal which proposes to change the rules around street layouts, transport shelters, pedestrian malls, and speed limits. This presents a great opportunity to reduce barriers to delivering and building community support for a multi-modal transport system. Consultation on 'Reshaping Streets' closes on 19 September 2022.  

Secondly, he has announced that the Private Transport Operating Model (PTOM) will be replaced with a Sustainable Public Transport Framework that PTOM will be replaced with a Sustainable Public Transport Framework. This will not only allow councils to own and operate public transport services in house, but also support a transport system that is more responsive to community needs. If you would like to hear more about how these changes affect your council, please let us know as we can organise a webinar.  

Not to be outdone, Parliament's Transport and Infrastructure Committee has launched an inquiry into inter-regional passenger rail. This will look at the possibilities and viability of inter-regional passenger rail (including the role it plays in reducing Vehicle Kilometres Travelled (VKT) and related emissions) across the country. Submissions close on 6 October 2022.