Taituarā — Local Government Professionals Aotearoa welcomes the Future for Local Government Review Panel’s final report 'He piki tūranga, he piki kōkutu'.

Watch the report launch recording.

Read the final report 'He piki tūranga, he piki kōkutu'.

Taituarā President, Sanchia Jacobs said “The Panel has presented a burning platform for change. The challenges our communities face today and over the next 30 years require central and local government to do things differently. We must start the process now. Local government leaders must rise to the challenge the Panel has set us – to lead the reform process with our communities.

“While central government needs to do its part by working in a collaborative way to move these 17 recommendations forward, we don’t have time to wait. More importantly our communities can’t afford for us to wait. The big challenges they face – responding to climate change, inequality and social inclusion – require transformative change to happen now.”

“The Panel’s vision - a revitalised system centred on a Tiriti-based partnership with Māori, strengthened inclusive local democracy, and intergenerational wellbeing entrenched as the core purpose of local government – is our vision too. Councils already play a vital role in the building of strong, healthy, and prosperous communities. They are place-makers, anchor institutions, and convenors of the system. This is what great local government leaders and staff do every day, despite a system that is no longer fit for purpose. With increased capability, dedicated stewardship, sustainable funding from central government including co-investment in wellbeing outcomes, and the focus on the central–local government relationship, we know that community wellbeing will be improved.”

“But this is not tinkering around the edges – it is a fundamental reset of the system. Future structures need to be locally designed with communities in partnership with Māori. The process must build trust and confidence in local government, meet local needs and aspirations for intergenerational wellbeing and enable local government to meet the challenges of tomorrow. We must think and act differently.”

“If we want to see a thriving future for the communities we collectively serve, then we have to prioritise making a transition to the new system. This is not about politics. We need to put the Panel’s solid platform and roadmap for transition into action today. Local government needs to step up and lead the change. It starts with us.”

“This is a challenging and inspiring time for the professional staff of local government. Taituarā is resetting itself to support them to drive the change with the urgency and skill our communities deserve. The future is now.”

We thank the Panel for its boldness, the inclusive extensive engagement it has undertaken since 2021, and its commitment to creating world-leading local government for Aotearoa New Zealand.

Ngā mihi,

Sanchia Jacobs
Taituarā President