Parliament's Environment Committee has released reports on the two resource management bills set to replace the RMA. We would like to share our own high-level analysis, and invite you to a webinar 'What happened to the RMA?' on 26 July 2023 to provide you with a full analysis.

Hon. David Parker has announced that Parliament’s Environment Committee has released its report on the Natural and Built Environment Bill and the Spatial Planning Bill. The two Bills were reported back from the Environment Select Committee on 27 June 2023. The Environment Committee has recommended by majority that they both be passed. They recommend all amendments by majority. Both the National Party and ACT provided differing – opposing – views on both Bills. The Green Party had a differing view on aspects of the Natural and Built Environment Bill.

For further information on the Bills please see the Final Spatial Planning Bill Report and the Final Natural and Built Environment Bill Report.

Around 3,000 submissions were received. The House will now debate and vote on the bill and any changes suggested by the select committee during a Second Reading.

Our analysis

At first glance the major change proposed has been to the purpose of the Bills – giving them a single purpose – to uphold te Oranga o te Taiao. Please see our high-level analysis at a glance for further information.

Upcoming webinar 

For those interested in a full analysis of the Bills please join our Webinar: What happened to the RMA? with the Simpson Grierson on 26 July 2023.