On 10 July 2023 our Chief Advisor, Raymond Horan appeared before the Governance and Administration Committee. This was a slightly unusual case in that it was the Select Committee itself that initiated the request. As the video recording shows, the Committee wanted to talk through proposals for national pay scales for the water entities, establishment dates, as well as development contributions.

Watch our oral submission.

Having been intimately involved with the development of the transitional provisions for the LTP, rates and development contributions that make up much of Part Two of the Bill, our written submission was short and technical. 

The only substantive point with this part of the Bill was that the development contributions provisions needed some clarifying amendments in order to ensure that all works in a development contributions policy could be recovered right up to the transition. Our proposed amendments were very much in keeping with the Government’s intent. We thank members of the Development Contributions Working Group for their assistance,.

Raymond noted that our LTP and other guidance is being updated in ‘real time’ as the water and resource management reforms progress to the final stages of the Parliamentary process. 

He concluded by observing that the sector looked forward to a stable base of legislation from which to work.