We are excited this week to welcome Suzanne Boyd, our new Chief Executive to the Taituarā team. 

Time has flown by since her appointment was announced in August, and we are thrilled to have her onboard to get started in the role, to meet the team, and to start connecting with our members and partners.

Suzanne’s first opportunity to do this will be at our Annual Conference in Heretaunga Hastings next week. She is keen to get to know you, to formulate an understanding of what it means to be a member of Taituarā, to understand the challenges and opportunities in the sector, and how Taituarā can best support the mahi you do for the communites you serve.

One of the key focuses of Suzanne and the team will be working on our stratetgic plan based on the Executive's Statement of Strategic Intent. This is part of the Executive’s strategic re-set in response to the challenges and change in the sector. Our President, Jo Miller, will talk more about this at the Conference, and we will share detail on our website soon.

Suzanne is looking forward to working with you all to support local government excellence for the good of our communities.