Entry received from: Waikato District Council
Category: The Datacom Award for Digital Local Government

Waikato District Council (WDC) govern a jurisdiction in a high growth area of the North Island of New Zealand between the cities of Auckland and Hamilton, with a diverse population of small towns, settlements and rural areas. There is expectation of strong population growth in the district over the next 50 years.

WDC regularly uses land capacity information by land use classes (i.e. rural land, residential land, industrial and commercial sites) for planning and regulatory purposes. The District Plan zoning and the Waikato 2070 growth strategy play an important role in determining land capacity.

The Land Capacity Model (LCM) project, a co-created solution of WDC and WSP, consolidates existing land capacity data and information resources within one information system. Based on input parameters and exclusions the model derives the maximum lot yield potential from land, now and in the future for the district; in consideration of plans, site utilisation and vertical utilisation. The model output results are available to

LCM users through QGIS and custom-built Power BI dashboards. The LCM significantly reduces the amount of manual calculation, contested land use, and growth analysis tracking – resulting in a more efficient, transparent and reliable reporting approach.

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