Entry received from: Taupō District Council
Category: The Minister of Local Government’s Award for Excellence in Council-Community Relations

"€œPromoting responsible dog ownership and delivering the highest quality of animal care and control services through engagement with the people in our communities".

In 2019, there were 298 dogs euthanised and 31 rehomed from our Taupō District animal shelter. The team decided to embark on a project to turn those statistics around. 

The Taupō Pound and Animal Shelter is supposed to be precisely that, a shelter, and over the last three years, through the determination of our team, the removal of barriers, recruitment of the right people, implementation of new adoption practises and targeted networking, the team has done just that.

The '€˜Taupō District Adopt a Dog' Facebook page has been a major contributor to this, so much so that in the 2022 calendar year, 145 dogs were adopted and only 86 were euthanised. The number of dogs adopted in each of the three years before that were 47, 46 and 43, representing a marked improvement and is a fitting testament to the passion the team have put into the project.

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